How To Enter

This is an example on how to Enter a Contest.  

There are 4 Types of Tickets:

1 - Grand Prize ticket -  You purchase one Grand Prize ticket in order to win the Grand Prize.

2 - Early-Bird ticket - For each Grand Prize ticket that you buy, you get 1 Free Early-Bird ticket which allows you to participate in each Eraly-Bird drawing until the Grand Prize is drawn.

3 - Bonus Ticket - When you buy a Multi-Pack ticket, you get 3 Grand Prize tickets plus a Bonus ticket. The Bonus ticket allows you to participate in the special Bonus drawing for a New Car, Jetski, Boat or Motorcycle.4 -

4 - Mega ticket - You can buy an extra Mega Ticket to participate in a separate drawing for a Polaris ATV. This ticket does not participate in the Grand Prize, Bonus or Early-Bird drawing. You must already have a Grand Prize ticket before you can buy a Mega ticket for the Polaris.