Megamax Dream Home Raffle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


What is the Megamax Dream Home Raffle?

Megamax Real Estate S.A., a Haitian company, offers the opportunity to buy a collection of Haitian Art & Haitian Life Scenes Screen Savers while earning the chance to win a Dream Home in Haiti. A portion of each proceeds is donated to a local non-profit organisation in Haiti.  

How do I purchase raffle tickets?

You can purchase tickets directly on the Megamax website or by contacting your local Megamax Agent in Haiti (509-34-34-67-20) You can also make a Bank Money Transfer payment to receive your confirmation Code that will allow you to download your Arts and Crafts package and also claim your free ticket for the Draem Home Giveaway. For more details, visit to www.megamaison.com.

How do I get tickets?

You can purchase Haitian Arts and Crafts directly on the Megamax website or by contacting your local Megamax Agent in Haiti (509-46-17-52-62). You can also make a Bank Transfer payment to receive your Confirmation Code that will allow you to download your Arts and Crafts package and also get your free ticket to the Dream Home Contest.. For more details, visit to www.megamaison.com.

What Prizes can I win?

The Megamax Raffle Grand Prize drawing is a beautiful House in Vivy Mitchel, Petionville. Only a limited number of tickets will be sold and 1 ticket will win the grand Prize.

There are also a number of Prizes that will be presented to winners of the many periodic Early Bird drawings. Early Bird Prizes range from new car, motorcycle, home appliances, large flat-screen TV, all-inclusive vacation packages, and more. 


How many Drawings are there?

For each Contest or Raffle, there are many drawings and your Megamax ticket offers many opportunities to win a prize. The different drawings are:

1 -  The Grand Prize Drawing

2 -  Multiple Early Bird Drawings for many different prizes

3 -  The Multi-Pack Bonus Drawing for a new Toyota RAV4 SUV

4 - The Super Mega Drawing for a special drawing for a Polaris ATV


Are the Drawings results legitimate?

Yes! All Drawings are conduted by an independent Raffle Auditor and the results autheticated by a Notary Public.


How much does a raffle ticket cost?

The Grand Prize Raffle ticket cost $100 US.

The 3-ticket Multi-Pack are offered at the discounted price costs $200 US.

The Super Mega ticket costs $25 US.(for the Super Mega Prize only)

Early Bird Tickets are FREE with the purchase of each Grand Prize ticket.


How many tickets will be sold? What is “ The Reserve”?

Each Megamax Raffle uses the concept of  “Reserve Ticket Count”, also known as “The Reserve”.  The Reserve is the minimum number of tickets that need to be sold in order for the Grand Prize Dream Home to be awarded. The current “Reserve” is 10000 tickets. if the "Reserve" number is reached, 1 ticket will win the Grand Prize Dream Home.

If the “Reserve” is not reach by the Grand Prize drawing date, Megamax may to advance the Grand prize drawing date by 3 months. If the Reserve is still not reached after the third date reset, the final Grand Prize drawing will take place by the Grand Prize awarded will be an Alternate Grand Prize equivalent to ½ of all the ticket sales, minus raffle-related expenses.


What is the Grand Prize Drawing?

Each Grand Prize ticket purchase gives you a chance to win the Haiti Dream Home.Your chances for winning the Grand Prize Dream Home is excellent

(about 1 in 10,000).


What is the Early Bird Drawing?

While waiting for the “Reserve” to be minimum number of tickets to be sold, Megamax will hold many Early Bird drawings (1 every few months, depending on ticket sale). For each Grand Prize ticket purchased, you get 1 FREE Early Bird ticket that allows you to participate in all Early Bird drawings until the end of the Contest.


What is the Super Mega Drawing?

The Super Mega Drawing is one-time drawing available for the purchase of a special ticket for $25. The Super Mega ticket is only valid for the Super Mega drawing only. No other drawing participation is available (no Grand Prize, Early Bird, Bonus Drawing).  The Super Mega Prize is a new Polaris 4-seater All -Terrain-vehicle (ATV). When you buy multiple Super Mega tickets, you also accumulate Reward Points that allow you to get a discount if you decide to buy a Grand Prize Ticket or a Grand Prize Multi-Pack Ticket.      


What is the Bonus Drawings?

 The Bonus Drawing is available to Multi-Pack Ticket holders only. When you buy a 3-ticket Multi-Pack, you get 3 chances to win the Haiti Dream Home grand prize, plus 3 FREE Early Bird tickets. In addition, you also get 1 FREE Bonus ticket that lets you participate in the special Multi-Pack Bonus Drawing for the chance to win a new Toyota RAV4 (4x4).


When does the Raffle start and when does it end?

The Raffle starts as soon as it’s announced. The Raffle’s end date is the Grand Prize drawing date stated on the Megamax website.


When will the Grand Prize drawings be held?

The different drawings will be held on the time and time indicated on the Megamax website.


Do I have to be present to win?

Winners do not need to be present to win. However, all prizes have to be claimed and  remitted in Haiti only.


How will the winners be notified?

Winners are notified vie email, SMS (Text Message) only. It is therefore important to enter your correct name and contact information when you register your ticket purchase. 


Who can buy a Megamax Raffle ticket?

Anyone wou must be 21 year-old or older can participate in the Megamax Raffle or Contest.


Are Raffle prizes considered income? Do I have to pay taxes on prizes

In Haiti, you don’t have to pay taxes on prizes that you won. However, if you win the Haiti Dream Home, there may be  real estate transfer taxes and notary fees that you have to pay. Please consult an accredited Notary in Haiti for further details.  


Are there legal rules and regulations?

See terms and Regulations page on the Megamax website.


How do I redeem my prize?
You can claim your prize by contacting the Registered Megamax Agent in your Country (if available), or the Megamax Agent in Haiti. You can also send an email to : info@megamaxraffle.com or contact us via the the information listed on the Contac Us page at : www.megamaxraffle.com/site/contact.


How do I get my ticket? How Do I know I am in the Drawing? 

When you purchase a ticket online, you will get an email or a text message (SMS) after your ticket purchase. This contains your ticket information, along with instructions how to check and validate it and also how to obtain an image of your ticket.

When you purchase a paper ticket or direct online ticket from a Megamax Agent, make sure you give your correct name and contact info. The Agent will register your ticket for you. You will then receive an email or text message with your ticket information.  Make sure you get that message because it is proof that you are in the drawing. Please see the Notice below regarding tickets bought from a Megamax Agent. 


1 - Your Agent-purchased Paper Ticket or online ticket must be validated in order to be in the Megamax Drawing.

2 - When you buy your ticket from the Agent, make sure you fil-out your correct Contact Information.  Your Agent will officially register your ticket purchase in the Megamax Website using this information.

3 – After registration, you will receive an email message or a Text message (SMS) containing your VALID Megamax Ticket Number. This Number indicates that you will participate in the Win-Haiti-Villa Drawing. The message will also contains instructions on how to validate your ticket on the Megamax system. 

4 – If you do not receive this message with your official ticket number, inform your Agent or contact Megamax to make sure that your ticket in registered on the system and it's in your name. You can contact us a info@megamaxraffle.com   or Call us at  +509-34-34-67-20  or +509-44-32-41-32.

Still have questions about the Megamax Win-Haiti-Villa Dream Home Raffle?

For further questions not found on this page, please contact the Registered Megamax Agent in your Country (if available), or the contact the Megamax Agent in Haiti. You can also send an email to : info@megamaxraffle.com.